Monday, March 31, 2008

2009 U.S. News Law School Rankings--Peer Reputational Rankings

Yesterday I posted about the 2009 U.S. News & World Report rankings for law schools. Paul Caron at TaxProf Blog has posted a complete list of schools ranked only by their academic peer reputation. The results--located here--are extremely interesting, since rankings by peer reputation vary (sometimes significantly) from overall rankings. Remember that peer reputation is one of the most heavily weighted factors in the U.S. News rankings, so this particular variable matters a great deal.

In particular, check out the comments to Caron's post. A difference of one-tenth of a point can mean a huge move up or down with respect to ranking within this variable.


shell said...

Although most law schools say that rankings are unfair, the reality is that many law students and law schools do care about the U.S. News Law School Ranking. I am feel it is a bit unfair to have an un-accredited third-party grading law schools.

Ankur said...

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Tom Antoine said...

I agree that the methodology of the ranking system is suspect at best. When I began law school I was unaware of rankings by US News.

My choice was based on the LLM programs offered. I am at The John Marshall School of Law in Chicago. One of two in the country that offer an LLM in Real Estate Law is nice to see we are 5th in the nation for legal writing.

Anonymous said...

So how does a school increase its peer rating?

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