Thursday, May 08, 2008

More on the College Cost Reduction and Access Act

So after a very busy April and de facto blog holiday (blogiday?), I'm back to posting. Among other things, I will be taking a group of law students to Seoul, Korea to study this summer. That will be a lot of fun and the source of posts over the summer. But today's topic is something I have posted on in the past: law school debt and the College.

In September 2007 I blogged about the College Cost Reduction and Access Act (CCRA), which has been hailed in many quarters as "the single largest investment in higher education since the GI Bill." There's been a lot written about it; a good place to start, I suppose, is my September post, which gives a summary and links to some other very useful information online.

And then there's the recent post on the CCRA by nonprofit lawyer and blogger Fannie, who runs the blog Fannie's Room. Her comments on the CCRA are great (and more than a little frustrating. Anyone interested in the CCRA and student debt loads definitely needs to check it out.

More posts soon.


Anonymous said...

One of the best places to keep looking for updates is, the legal organization that supports public interest attorneys. They have calculators and will surely have additional information as the regs are written. Also, if you're a prosecutor or public defender, keep an eye on this site for updates on the Harkin bill.

Gregory W. Bowman said...

That's a great comment about Equal Justice Works. EJW is a great organization, and the information they provide is extremely useful. Thanks for the comment! Greg

Anonymous said...

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