Friday, December 23, 2005

How Law Professors Write Exams

I am admittedly a bit behind the curve here, but now that most law students have finished exams, perhaps they can joyfully relive a bit of exam week by reading about how law professors write their essay exams. In my experience, it takes a bit of time to write a fair exam.

So check out the conversation that took place recently on the law professor blog Prawfsblawg. It is worth reading in no small part because the professors involved inevitably got sidetracked and discussed what they think is wrong with the current law school exam system. Comments from any students still reeling from exams are welcome!

After I finish grading my exams I may post some thoughts on how to avoid common study-related and exam-taking mistakes next semester.


Michael said...

Thanks for the link. Knowing how your exam writer thinks is a key to doing well on any test.

I'm a Stanford 1L still studying for finals, which take place over the next two weeks. Thanks to a faculty vote, next year's 1Ls won't have to suffer through outlining over the holidays, as Stanford is moving their finals to before Christmas.

After having so much time to outline (and waste on blogs), I'll be curious to see what it's like to have a shorter period of time in which to study in the spring.

Gregory W. Bowman said...


Glad the link was helpful. I hope you do well on exams. And I'm glad Stanford is changing its exam schedule. Having finals after the holiday break is cruel and unusual punishment, in my opinion.

Now that I am done with grading exams, I plan to post soon about common exam mistakes. It might help some people in the spring semester.