Monday, February 11, 2008

Second (Life) Opinions Revisited

In November, I posted about UK law firm Simpson Millar, which has set up shop in the online gaming world "Second Life." I just received an interesting comment on that post--and since some time has passed since then, and since it's an interesting issue, I thought it was worth pointing out again. You can link to my earlier post here.

The subtext of all this is that Simpson Millar is working multiple PR angles in creative ways. Second Life, yes, but also podcasts and blogs. SM is not the only law firm doing that, of course--but that perhaps makes the point an even stronger one. With more and more ways to raise your firm's profile and attract and serve clients, modern law firm practice is a brave new (virtual) world.


Ashley said...

I can't think of anything but Dwight Shrute when I think of Second Life. I love it. What an interesting way to market a firm.

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