Saturday, January 12, 2008

Potpourri Part 2

As a follow-up to my last two posts (here and here), my latest law review article, The Comparative and Absolute Advantages of Junior Law Faculty in the Classroom: Implications for Teaching and the Future of American Law Schools, was recently used as a discussion piece at a junior faculty forum held at Stetson University College of Law. That forum essentially was a pan-Florida conference on the role of junior faculty in law schools. Professor Joe Morrissey of Stetson asked whether my law review article could be used as a discussion piece at the forum. I of course was highly honored and said yes.

Professor Morrissey is active in the Association of American Law Schools' (AALS) Section on New Law Professors, and he wrote about the Stetson forum and my article in the section's annual newsletter. I have posted the newsletter article online here, with the permission of Professor Morrissey and the section. You can can link to my full law review article here.

It perhaps smacks of blatant self-promotion (I generally prefer my self-promotion to be subtle), but I was really pleased that my article was used at the Stetson junior faculty forum. My friend and fellow blogger Professor Paul Secunda of the University of Mississippi School of Law (who is moving to Marquette University Law School in the fall) has said that a virtue of legal scholarship is that it often seeks to solve problems of practical and social relevance. I agree with him, and what I find gratifying about the use of my law review article at Stetson is that perhaps the article might make a difference for some teachers in the classroom--and thus for law schools in general, and their students, and their future clients. Idealistic and quixotic, I know, but no one ever makes a difference by dreaming small.


MCSOL2L said...

While off topic, I heard something that is law career material- Is it true that once you make partner you have to pay your own benefits?

Gregory W. Bowman said...

Interesting question. I've made my answer the subject of a separate post on this blog. See (Jan. 20, 2008). Enjoy!