Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Law Career Blog and its Target Audience

Self-promotion is not something that always comes naturally to me, and this post smacks of patting my own back. But it involves something I am very pleased about, so bear with me.

One of the blogs on my blogroll is Adams Drafting, on which Ken Adams blogs about "modern and effective contract drafting." I teach Contracts, and I think his blog is a very good source of practical advice on recent developments in contract law. It also has a strong intellectual edge, and I like that.

On October 7, 2007, Ken wrote a post entitled My, Uh, Nine Favorite Law Blogs. (Kudos to him for resisting the round number of ten.) I'm very happy to say that Law Career Blog made the list. Ken explained that he reads my blog because he is "acutely aware of the difficulties that junior associates face when it comes to contract drafting. Perhaps as a result, I’ll happily read thoughtful discussion of issues facing law students and junior associates generally. And that’s what [Law Career Blog] offers."

I must say that I am quite flattered to be on his list. My target audience for Law Career Blog consists of law students, people thinking about attending law school, junior practitioners and people thinking about law career changes, and anyone generally concerned about any of these groups. So to my way of thinking, my inclusion on this list suggests that Law Career Blog is hitting its target audience, or at least not missing it entirely. And that is a victory worth celebrating.

In other news related to contracts, I have declared a "computer-free week" in my Contracts class--something I have blogged about previously and considered doing. I plan to post tomorrow on that subject.

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