Friday, February 16, 2007

More Information on Exams

In a recent post I set out some thoughts about final exams and what students do well (and not so well) when preparing for and taking them. (See Reflections on Law School Exams, 2/8/2007.) In addition to my two cents, Pitt's Jurist site has an excellent compendium of advice regarding law school final exams. It includes advice from a variety of law profs and other commentators. It's a list worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

I also found the book "Getting to Maybe" to be helpful in taking the vast area of law tested on an exam and organizing in into coherent answeres. If the title sounds somewhat familiar it might be because it's written by the same author as "Getting to Yes" which is a how to book on negociation that in my opinion should be on every one's bookshelf right next to "the art of war". In any event, i thought you might want to take a glance.

Also since it is your charge to often coach and give advice to 1Ls, I found "Law School Confidential" to be quite the survival guide for first year. it also will carry a student on through third year year with step by steps on everything from briefing a case, and book briefing even, to how to study for what course, to what courses to consider(Admin. Law gets a plug), to how to go about the dreded job search and when and where to start. Some things are basic, others are quite clever.