Sunday, January 28, 2007

New Practitioner and Student Blogs

I've found two new blogs that readers might be interested in checking out. One is The Online Lawyer. Blogger lawyer Nolelaw has described his blog as "somewhat unique in that I cover a number of different legal areas in my posts (from Contracts to Divorce to Lemon Laws to DUI) instead of focusing on one area in particular." Looking at the blog, he does indeed run the gamut, so it's an interesting example of small or solo practitioner outreach via blogging. One of his more popular posts, on the subject of Quitclaim Deeds, is located here.

The other blog is a student blog called loco delictis, which blogger frillgril describes as "a 1L's strange and unusual adventures in law school." Unusual with respect to the rest of society perhaps, but the value of this blog as I see it is that it is in fact representative of the modern law student experience. Which to me makes it not usual, although perhaps still strange. A recent post entitled Licking my Wounds is about grades (what else?)--make sure you read the comments.

On the subject of grades, I still owe readers a post about grades from my own post-exam point of view. I promise it's coming soon.

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