Friday, December 08, 2006

And in Other News . . .

If you are a law student taking a break from studying for your exams, here are a few things worth checking out on the web. And if you are not a law student, please check them out anyway.

Exam Advice

At Shelley's Case, blogger Shell has useful advice on studying for exams from a student perspective. Shell's advice is always reflective and thoughtful.

Not Exactly Hell on Wheels

At the the Legal Underground, blogger Evan Schaeffer has posted a video in which he lectures on Civil Procedure while skiing. He claims in the video that he is the "first ever lawyer [to ski] while discussing the Federal Civil Rules of Civil Procedure"--at least to discuss it on tape. I am pretty sure he is right about that.

Note that Schaeffer, truly thinking like a lawyer, limits his claim to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Perhaps lawyers in Colorado or Utah have covered their respective state rules while on the slopes? Or maybe someone has discussed criminal procedure rules on skis? But then again, Schaeffer's claim is not limited to someone on Alpine (downhill) skis, so he has beaten the telemarking, cross-country crowd to the punch. Which goes to show that a good lawyer knows when to qualify his claims, and also when not to.

Common Scents Advice

Over at Frugal Law Student, there is a post about ounce of prevention and sins of omission. For those who have not read the FLS, its tag line is "helping law students mitigate their crippling student loans since 2006."

My favorite advice in this particular post (which is by Mrs. FLS)? "Take care of your clothes," which translates to "don't wash your clothes more than you have to." Here's the best part:
"[W]henever I take off a shirt I smell the pits for odor. No odor, no washy. . . . And I don't wash my pants for a couple of weeks. They seriously don't smell." (emphasis added)

That's bold advice. Good advice, perhaps, but a bold statement nonetheless. The point is, many Americans do presume that if you wear it, it needs washed. In Mississippi during August, I dare say that presumption works very, very well. At least with my clothes it does. But what about in March?
To perhaps take this "thinking like a lawyer" thing too far, what happens if you have a cold and can't smell? Do you not wash if you can't smell it? Is the smell test primarily for the benefit of yourself, or others? Or would a "3 times and you're out" rule be better/safer?
Enough. Back to grading exams.


Anonymous said...

Mom always said "you can wear your pants more than once, Jason." ....

Anonymous said...

It's good to see that off the wall random thoughts are not exclusive to students this time of year. ;). I guess professors use their blogs to procrastinate as well. Nice diversion from the exam tunnel vision though. But now it's back to work. "and miles to go before I sleep"

shell said...

Thank you for mentioning my advice. Right now I am wishing that I am the one grading the exams instead of writing the exams. But then again, even law professors have to go through this hazing process called law school to get to the other end of the table, right?

I am curious as to what your least favorite and most favorite subjects were during law school.

Anonymous said...

This is how I waste my time when preparing for exams.

Trey Rick said...

Remember, "F" is NOT for Fitzgerald. I'm pretty sure Jackson and Leyerle have the middle name Fitzgerald also. Oh, well.

Anonymous said...

Frugal Law Student is not a very good blog for other reasons. The author frequently misspells obvious words. I hope an employer doesn't find his blog and read them. How embarrassing!

Gregory W. Bowman said...

Perhaps the Frugal Law Student has saved money by forgoing spell checking software?