Thursday, June 29, 2006

Why go to Law School When You can Get a Fake Diploma?

I know diploma mills are not new, but with e-commerce now in the mainstream, they are perhaps more brazen than ever. Just look here. The fake law diploma at the bottom of the page is absolutely priceless. (Actually, it's only $18.95 for two graduate degrees--maybe I'll order some.) Sadly, some lawyer-wannabees probably have these very fakeplomas hanging on their wall, fooling helpless innocents.

And lest I be accused of favoring one diploma mill over another, link to a Google search for "fake diploma" here. I certainly want to be an equal opportunity disparager!

In fact, I'd post copies of some of the fakeploma images I've found here, but chances are I'd get sued for copyright infringement--which would be the irony of all ironies, because you'd have a diploma mill suing a lawyer. Lots of public sympathy for that one. It'd be like having two drunk drivers involved in a car accident and taking each other to court. Sadly, both couldn't lose. So instead, I'll take the safer road, if not the higher one, and exercise my freedom of speech rights by talking about fakeplomas.

My advice? Either go to a real law school and get your own degree, or don't go, and do something else with your life. After all, pretending to be a lawyer is not really the best way in our society to win friends and influence people. You doubt me? Go to a party sometime, and use the following pick-up line: "Hi, I'm [your name here]. I sue people for a living. What's your name?"

I'll bet you $18.95 and a fakeploma you strike out.

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Wendy said...

Most fake diploma sites stay away from law or medical reasons. You can guess why. I can't blame them.

I've had friends who order from them as replacement degrees because they were lost, damaged, etc. Some companies tend to be scams, and people are careful, as they should be.

I had a friend whose diploma was destroyed in a fire. The school wanted like $300 to replace it. He just needed a copy of his diploma. I think he went to They have a 1-800 phone number, email, etc. If your going to spend, might as well spend with somebody who is reliable and dependable.

Just my two cents.