Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Six Month Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

Today marks the six month anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which devastated coastal Mississippi and Louisiana. It is fitting that it is also Ash Wednesday, the day after Mardi Gras. The hurricane has had such an enormous impact on my state of residence, Mississippi, that I am compelled to post on the subject again.

My last post on this subject had a link to some recent photos of the MS Gulf Coast months 5 months after the storm. They are phenomenal. Here is the link again. I encourage you to check them out if you haven't already.

And here is the Hurricane Katrina factoid for the day: one of my law school's alumni told me that there are currently hundreds of General Motors cars underwater, out in the Gulf of Mexico, still sending out OnStar radio signals. Think about it. That's hundreds of cars that (1) had the OnStar service to begin with, (2) still have a valid OnStar service contract, and (3) still have working OnStar units on board. That means there are thousands of other cars out there for which OnStar is not working or never had it to begin with.

Thousands of cars, underwater. That's astonishing. Those would be some strange underwater pictures if anyone could ever find those cars.

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Anonymous said...

I would love to go down to Biloxi right now for my spring break but i know better.

what a horrible thing. my uncle was set to retire and then wham bam, katrina. with him being an insurance man, he couldn't retire, and here he is in his 60s, traveling around the Southern Coast of Miss'ippi, 16 hours a day, trying to help folks get their lives in order again; meanwhile, his own house is badly damaged, his summer getaway completely destroyed, and he had no running water or air conditioning to come home to! I don't know how he did it.

i dont' know how any of the folks down there are hanging in there.

I miss the idea of going to Biloxi to get away for a few days, though.